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I'm the Kid in America

I was in San Diego when Trump hit.

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 Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.

Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.

Hopes crumbled. The ground shook. Houses swelled with emotion.

I heard a collective, exacerbated sigh as the country settled into a new iteration of their free land – one that wasn’t as sure as it was before.

As the months progressed, the sadness turned to anger, the anger to action. I witnessed friends rallying together to talk, to plan, to march and to support each other through this unwelcome storm. It was, in many ways, an inspiring time.

I know this wasn’t the reality for many Americans; the weather in their lands was calm, hopeful and "great". Their wishes fulfilled, their dreams come true. It’s not that I ignored their perspective; I just didn’t feel their pain, anguish or dismay in such a visceral way. The air was heavy with a type of cultural grief I had never felt before.

As an Australian in an emotionally-torn America, my mind immediately went to the bigger picture. How would this affect us all globally? As the news of visa restrictions and travel bans arrived, I honestly did fear for the life I was trying to build. Would I be able to stay here, in my second home?

In such uneasy times the only answers I can offer are the ones I have answered for myself. If you’re feeling uneasy or like you don’t matter, I assure you, YOU DO.

Get practical and start with these three things:

1.     Who you bank with. Do some research and take your business to a bank that funds environmental sustainability or local businesses (any ethical activity really).

2.    Your 401K or Superannuation fund. Find a company that invests your money ethically to support projects that are good for this planet.

3.    Where you spend your money, everyday. Your dollars are just as valuable as your words. Spend both wisely. There are a lot of ethical companies out there that need your support.

If it all feels like too much right now, that’s okay too. Culture will be your cure. Visit a museum. Go see a concert. Draw. Paint. Breathe.

We all live with the reality of a critically fraught political climate, one that at times seems impossible to digest.

Running away won’t solve it.

We must all find our own way to resist and fight for what we deserve as humans, but not at the expense of the basic human rights of others.

And if there’s one country I know that’s battled social injustice and come out the other side swinging, it’s America. I stand with you my friends. 

 A little reminder.

A little reminder.