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Creative Solitude

As I sit here in the magic hour, casually sipping on a glass of wine just to the right of my computer, I realise something.

I’m alone.

I live alone, granted, but I am alone.

Not lonely, just alone.

A big sigh escapes my mouth and I settle back into my chair to write.

I think about being alone all the time and I often crave the space and freedom that being alone permits. I believe that solitude is essential for most creative work, collaborative projects aside, and being alone is nothing to complain about. In fact, it should be celebrated.

  The view from my desk in Richmond, Australia.

The view from my desk in Richmond, Australia.

I am a social creature and I love getting lost in dense crowds, or chatting with friends in small, intimate spaces. These moments punctuate life with aliveness and it’s so easy to take the social world for granted.

Maria Popova (a genius and fellow book worm) writes about solitude a lot, particularly on how to be alone. As Maria points out, “the choice of solitude, of active aloneness, has relevance not only to romance but to all human bonds”. It is in solitude that we can recharge, rest and restore our psyches for the next round of work drinks or birthday shenanigans. Or, simply find our own way to be around people.

Solitude can feel like a luxury, but the uninterrupted time can be intimidating. What I propose is to indulge in some creative solitude. Grab a notebook and draw something. Cook yourself that dish you’ve been dreaming of for weeks. Read. Sing out loud to your favourite music. Crack that expensive bottle of red you got for your birthday – you’re worth it.

Gift yourself some creative solitude this weekend and trust me, everyone will benefit.